3GP HVAC QC Inspector

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Saida Akhmetova
E-mail Saida.Akhmetova@bolashak.com
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Job Description
Job Requirements
Terms and Conditions
* Oversight of HVAC installation activities performed by Contractors & Subcontractors to ensure adherence to Project Quality & RoK requirements. *Demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of codes such as the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning each Suppliers National Association (SMACNA) Codes, Uniform Mechanical Code, NFPA 90A, ASHRAE Handbooks and/or equivalent standards. *Support all HES Activities / Initiatives * Fully support and participate in all Injury and Incident Free (IIF) initiatives. * Compliance with Ethics policies. * Adheres to Project Execution Procedures. * Reporting to Lead Mechanical Inspector. * Monitor implementation of company, project and sub-contract HSE policies and procedures. * Verification and monitoring of contractor and subcontractor's quality control activities for HVAC equipment installation during erection. * Provide regular input to periodic reports summarizing quality performance statistics and key issues relating to HVAC installation activities. * Review site construction drawings, interpret, advise and provide technical assistance to contractors. * Review notification for client witness inspections on HVAC system request and necessary attachments * Review all contractors' equipment installation ITP's and Procedures. * Inspect HVAC equipment foundations and verify survey results. * Review quality assurance and control of all HVAC job-related activities done and to done on site. * Organize receiving inspection of HVAC materials and equipment and document all deficiencies. * Conduct visual inspection of HVAC installation in progress to verify compliance with design drawings and relevant specification. * Check and supervise inspection of layouts and installations of HVAC equipment such as chillers, AHUs, Filters, Louvers, Scrubbers, VAV's Packaged and Split AC's, Pumps, Fan Chillers, Coolant Piping, Refrigerant Piping, Hangers and Supports, including all duct work to ensure compliance with design. * Prepare non-conformance and surveillance reports applicable to HVAC installation work. * Monitor and verify HVAC equipment preservation during construction stage. * Liaise with area QC Supervisors on E&I inclusion of HVAC in their inspection system. * Participate in HVAC system walk-down punch list system. * Witness all HVAC tests including verification and calibration of electrical instrumentation and safety devices. * Participate in witness of HVAC equipment and system testing in pre-commissioning of all HVAC equipment including air and water balancing, refrigerant piping leak testing, hydrostatic test, ductwork leak testing and verification of compliance with specifications and design drawings. * Review and endorse contractor's inspection, test and material quality documents. * Conduct regular assessment of the preparation, collation and control of quality records by contractor. * Ensure RoK Regulatory Documentation is progressively prepared and endorsed by contractor and technical staff.
* A minimum of 5+ years of experience with a proven ability to work with contractor personnel in a mentoring/developmental role * A minimum of 3 years of experience directly related to HVAC Inspection works. * Should be able to read construction drawings. * Intermediate computer and software skills to include the use of word processing and email as well as the intermediate use of spreadsheets and electronic presentations * High critical thinking/reasoning ability * Effective communication skills * Strong organizational skills * Ability to attend to detail and work in a time-conscious and time-effective manner * Must be able to work well within a diverse large multi-cultural jobsite. * Must be a high initiative, able to work well with little supervision. * Effective communication skills
Tengiz 28/28

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