Our mission is to provide the opportunity for professionals to successfully apply their knowledge and skills and to support our clients in the implementation of their projects through the search and recruitment of highly qualified personnel and building a professional team.



The key to a company's success is the people working for it, and we believe that the power of our company lies in our people. It is our employees who build the success of our company. We are proud of our highly qualified specialists and we take care of our employees, always striving to be the most attractive employer. We respect the diversity of the people who work for us, and we aim to build an environment where each employee can flourish, utilizing their own individual strengths and developing new skills. We greatly appreciate the contribution of all people to the success and development of our company – our employees, our clients and our candidates.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is the Company’s top priority. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for safety and we provide a safe workplace for our employees, contractors and business partners. We lead by example and demonstrate our commitment to follow these principles in practice.

Quality and Client relationship

We are committed to providing quality solutions for our clients. We are flexible in the way we operate and adapt ourselves to meet the changing demands of our clients. We endeavour to earn the trust and respect of our clients every day and strive for continuous improvement in the level and quality of the service we provide. We greatly value the relationship we have with our clients and the services we provide to them.

Freedom, self-fulfilment and responsibility

We strive to create the conditions to develop the talents and skills of our employees, and to improve operational and management processes. Freedom for us is an absolute value, especially in demonstrating initiative and taking postive actions for the benefit of the company, our employees and our clients. We support the enthusiasm of our employees at all levels so that they are able to organize their own work and take responsibility for the results.

Team-work. Together we will achieve success!

We greatly value team spirit, unity and cohesion. We believe that through effective collaboration and a strong and trusting relationship with our employees, clients and partners, we can achieve excellent results. By drawing on the diversity of experience and the range of knowledge and skills across the whole team, we are able to greatly enhance the company’s performance and potential. We work as one united team of professionals, always striving to exceed the expectations of our clients. All employees of the company are united in the same goals which we endeavour to achieve as a team, understanding and supporting each other.

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Bolashak news

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This day has acquired special significance after the pandemic.
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The vital activity of any Company cannot be limited only to professional areas.