Field Operator

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 14 x 14 (12 hours)
Contact Svetlana Chzhen
E-mail Svetlana.Chzhen@bolashak.com
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Job Description
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Terms and Conditions
Oil and Gas Production Operator- fulfills the duties and responsibilities of Facility Owner Designate during construction activities on operating facilities, prescribed in the associated instructions. HPLP FGP Field Operator – confirms by signing, that site preparation works indicated in the work-permit and special permissions (if required) are completed and personnel can start safe work or resume work performance. Operator takes all necessary actions to prepare the equipment for startup.
Must have knowledge of hazard assessment conduct, in order to develop safe work planning guidelines and safe performance. Understand job assignments, roles and responsibilities of the employees in the department. Have core knowledge in RoK labor laws and regulatory acts. Know the oil and gas wells design. Have background knowledge of the oil and gas oilfield, purpose, maintenance regulations for well surface equipment, used tools, devices, instrumentation devices. Know the basics of oil and gas refining, gathering, transportation processes, specifications of gas hazardous areas, potential sources of gas emission.
Tengiz 14/14 For KZ passport holders

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