Expeditor I - Expeditor II:

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 5-day work week (40 hours)
Contact Aizhan Aitassova
E-mail Aizhan.Aitassova@bolashak.com
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Job Description
Job Requirements
Terms and Conditions
Forwards materials procured by TCO Procurements. Forwarding and consulting customers on status of ordered materials for procurement department. Particiipates in meetings with customers and suppliers. Performs day-to-day duties of high importance to gain enhanced knowledge and familiarise himself/ herself with the work methods and practices in the area. Monitors the status of the order in JDE Milestone software (available on TCO web page). Provides and upgrades the status of the order at the request of TCO customer. Coordinates timely or urgent cargo supplies with after shipment deadlines. Works with E1 (Sleeper) reports for the forthcoming forwarding date. Controls performance of orders. Checks messages from TCO carrier cmpanies re. SCN and shipment documents. Prioritizes customs clearance and shipment of materials. Cooperates with TCO carrier re. SCN and shipment documents. Controls critical materials and customs clearance thereof, requests for replenishments from transport companies. Requests changes in documentation from TCO suppliers, letters of apology for Customs, detailed descriptions of materials and other documents required TCO carrier’s companies while clearing. Acts as a mediator between the customer and supplier on customs-related issues. Provides feedback with customers to obtain corrected and updated documents and performs requests from TCO shipper companies to update documents. Conducts negotiations, on introducing exceptions to contract terms and conditions. Updates shimpent dates or dates when ordered and ready materials are expected to be shipped. Contacts TCO warehouses on unclear issues. Renders assistance to TCO Procurements Specialist on OS&D with TCO Suppliers and warehouses. Checks procurement order (PO) closure against E1 JDE Milestones. Checks with Expediting Group Supervisor or Procurement Group Supervisor to coordinate all exceptions or deviations from freight forwarding process or customs clearance. Must know: Legislative and regulatory deeds of the Republic of Kazakhstan on export and customs clearance. Procedure of customs clearance of products exported from the Republic of Kazakhstan International Logistics, ijcluding packaging, transportatoin, and pre-shipment inspection Principal provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code and Incoterms 2010. Compose work plan of the group in compliance with the priorities.
University degree (preferably in economics, engineering, or law). Work experience: At least 1-2 years in similar position
Atyrau 5/2

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