SC Planner

Тип занятости Контракт
Страна Kazakhstan
График работы 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Контактное лицо Sean Emerton
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Project Management Support Support Managing SC Contractor Support Risk & Interface facilitation Support cost leads in the stewardship of the T5 SC budget PIC for all future man-hour / vendor cost refreshes Planning & Managing schedule Responsible for Project Controls Develop and maintain Resource Loaded Schedule (Lv2 ~ 4) Follow up Risk & Interface updates Records verification & Reporting Develop and maintain progress reporting packages Deliverables from SC Contractor Responsible for collating all reports for SC Team Field witness for Actual Records verification Ensure the systems completions Level 4 schedule and PMCS remain aligned with approved execution scope as represented in the teams’ Fishbone Diagrams (FBD) and MSL Ensure schedules continue to remain fully optimized with any improvement opportunities and vulnerabilities highlighted and communicated in a timely manner with schedule recovery and corrective actions proposed where required Ensure approved schedule change is managed in accordance with FGP-WPMP change management procedures and any significant change has an adequate audit trail Track execution schedule performance relative to the baseline schedule and report schedule progress performance on a weekly and monthly basis as defined in procedure 5.4 (construction progress measurement) Engage with central planning, construction planning and the responsible operations planners to ensure effective communication and collaboration thereby allowing any adverse trends to be communicated and mitigated efficiently Support the execution contractors planning teams in execution of their scope as defined in the contract Prepare the Systems Completions schedule updates and review with construction team, operations planning and members of the project team leadership (as required). Supervise and mentor National Planning Engineers and Analysts
College degree in a technical subject Minimum 15 years Oil/Gas or Petrochemical capital projects experience, with at least 10 years onsite construction / commissioning experience. Project Controls background in Planning Experience working for major International Oil Company or Engineering / Construction company International experience required; preferably previous experience of rotational positions and working in Kazakhstan, Demonstrated performance in leading a team of planners Language Skills:Fluent in English, Russian language would be an advantage PC Skills: Advanced / expert P6 user. Expert user of MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)
Tengiz 28x28


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