Job fairs

The year 2018 was very busy with various events aimed at employing novice specialists and graduates of universities.

Our company took part in several job fairs in different regions of Kazakhstan. In Almaty a test was conducted for finance graduates of KIMEP and other universities for the largest oil and gas project, as a result of which a number of young professionals were employed. Fast-track interviews were organized at KIMEP, where students were able to pass mini-interviews with several employers in a short period of time. In Almaty, we had the opportunity to meet students and graduates of such universities as AUPET and UIB, and in the hospitable walls of the KBTU we have made a presentation  about current and future labour market issues. We have a long established professional and close relationship with ALMAU, and we were very happy to accept the invitation to celebrate their 30th anniversary. We thank Nazarbayev’s University for their trust and invitation to hold a presentation on the subject of “XXI century skills” for MBA students. Several job fairs were organized for students and graduates of Atyrau universities and colleges.

Thanks to our close cooperation with the centre of international programmes, we had an excellent opportunity to meet with graduates and scholars of the Bolashak programme, to talk about our company and their career prospects.


 We thank the management of ARSU named after K. Zhubanov for the excellent organization of the event, where we were able to acquaint students with our company, to carry out testing as well as workshops and a presentation on interview tips and skills of the future. We thank the management of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Management of the West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technology University in Uralsk and the management of the College of Foreign Languages ​​in Aktau for their hospitality and the opportunity they provided to meet with students and graduates, to provide them with advice on successful job searching, and the opportunity provided to applicants to get tested and to evaluate their capabilities. We wish all the educational institutions of our country success in making achievements in their field, and in finding employment for all their graduates and in gaining the recognition and honours they deserve.

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