Tengiz Marathon

We are not only work well, but also spend our leisure time cheerfully and take care of our health. Bolashak Atyrau strongly supports and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The days from 17th to 23rd June have been announced as days of health in Tengiz, during which recreation activities were held in Shanyrak village. The aim of the days of health was to promote a healthy lifestyle. The final event of the “days of health” was the Charity Run, which took place on June 23, organized by Kemel Group together with Bolashak-Atyrau. Collected funds in the amount of 500,000 tenge have been directed to Intymak Foundation as a charity.


Pushing themselves beyond their limits, battling the heat, the race participants ran 5 km marathon with dignity. And the winners are:


Among men:

1st place - Yedilzhan Cosbolov

2nd place - German Anashkin

3rd place - Venture Edson Carlos Mateus


Among women:

1st place - Aina Amiralina

2nd place - Zhuldyz Saktaganova

3rd place - Moldir Oraztaeva

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