The Atyrau Marathon

This is the second year Bolashak employees have taken part in the Atyrau marathon.

This is the second year Bolashak employees have taken part in the Atyrau marathon. The marathon was as successful as the one that was held last year; many sportsmen decided to take part in it and they were accompanied by a large group of supporters. Great weather has added drive and positive energy to all the participants and supporters. Here are some impressions from those who were there: Quintin Goldie (participant): What a great sporting event to be a part of., We had 23 runners from Bolashak including myself, who all completed the 10k run, and an amazing support team from start to finish. Azhar Alimakanova our finance manager completed the 10k and raised an amazing 1000 dollars for a children’s charity. Next year I expect to see an even bigger team from Bolashak. Well done to all who took part. Azhar Alimakanova (participant): The idea of the marathon is a remarkable contribution to the health of society. It was nice to see how many young people are taking a proactive part in this event. Now, everyone who wishes to test their strengths can do it in the marathon! Everything was fantastic! The festive atmosphere and satisfaction from running are beyond words! We would like to thank those supporters and organizers, who supported us in this hot weather and fed us with additional strengths to overcome 10 km! We will be preparing for the 2019 marathon! A. Sh. Kumganbayeva (supporter) The Bolashak team takes part in the marathons in order to support charity and to promote a healthy life style. There is a good old saying: “with heart afire, with wings on feet…”, and we admire the will-power of our marathon runners, and decided to proactively support them. We were the best team of supporters, you could tell it from the sincere and happy smiles of the marathon runners in return. Our cheers and chants encouraged the runners, instilled confidence in their strengths and enhanced their will to win! Natalia Tsoi (supporter): It is quite hard to run a marathon, that’s why we took this honourable responsibility to support our peers, because the runners need the presence and support of their friends. The marathon was organized at the highest level; the air was filled with a festive atmosphere and there were so many happy, shining faces at the stadium, the square and the finishing line. People were sharing their positive mood, rejoicing at the success of others and gaining their small victories. Even those who didn’t come first were happy! They are all winners! We would like to thank Kunzhamilya Sakhain for her interesting ideas. We hope that they never end, and in turn we will always support them and take part in their implementation! Natalia Lee (supporter) The Marathon for non-professionals provides good motivation and is an example of a healthy life style, which is getting more popular each day. The Atyrau marathon has been carried out for the second year and will become more popular in future not only amongst adults but amongst children as well. The marathon participants are people who are able to set goals and to achieve them. Disabled people also took part in the marathon, and demonstrated the human capabilities to overcome difficulties and gain success by one’s own initiative. Our team of supporters made a small but valuable contribution to this marathon. We tried to support all the runners, to set a positive mood, to encourage them and to wish everyone good luck. Perhaps next year the support team will decide to become runners! To set a goal and achieve it, that’s all that’s needed!

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