KSU OPS Consultant

Тип занятости Контракт
Страна Kazakhstan
График работы 5-day work week (40 hours)
Контактное лицо Lida Kaldygulova
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• Provide leadership to ensure all project activities lead to safe construction, incident-free shut-down and start-up and operational reliable facilities. • Ensure the design / engineering effort is consistent with the operational needs for safe operating facilities. • Liaise between TCO Base Operations/Maintenance/Fire Department and project personnel. Engineering / Procurement Phase • Address project safety concerns and constantly emphasize safety and environmental compliance. • Provide Operations input to work scope development, including prioritization. • Manage development of commissioning and startup processes. Work closely with engineering and construction to develop a handover plan, which minimizes impact to the availability of the existing system. • Lead efforts to plan the deployment of back-up facilities to address necessary equipment outages. • Participate in HAZID and/or HAZOP Reviews to ensure constructed facilities are safe and meet requirements. • Review design drawings to ensure these comply with operations and maintenance requirements. • Coordinate interface between project planning groups and operations department. • Develop commissioning, start-up, normal, and emergency procedures. Construction Phase • Work with TCO Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) department to ensure compliance with all safety and regulatory requirements. • Conduct Safety and Review Audits. • Represent Operations and Maintenance on walk-downs of systems and handover process. • Work with construction personnel to resolve issues, representing operations and maintenance. • Schedule adequate numbers of operations staff to be available to work with project personnel to ensure effective mechanical completion and start-up. • Attend project coordination meetings; and provide input about operations activities and any deviations that may impact construction performance. • Develop requirements for operator and maintenance training; and ensure that it is timely completed in satisfaction of schedule. • Work closely in accepting completed facilities and ensuring systematic start-up by systems, according to established procedures and plans. Post-Construction Phase • Coordinate the timely and efficient execution of post-construction phase activities (e.g. insulation or removal of scaffold). • Ensure that facilities are returned to operations, without any hazardous and unsafe debris lying around. • Participate in project evaluations review, conducted by Project Management; and ensure that operations provide their detailed input. • Identify Operations recommendations and actions that will improve project performance in future projects. • Ensure unit commissioning and startup procedures are executed, per the plan, and participate as necessary.
• Higher degree technical education (electrical engineering) • Not less than 5 years of relevant work experience • Business level of English language (spoken and written) • Relevant work experience on a capital project. Tengiz experience is strongly desirable
Atyrau 5/2 for KZ passport holders


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