TA Badge Process Group Operator

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Rustam Atabayev
E-mail Rustam.Atabayev@bolashak.com
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Job Description
Job Requirements
Terms and Conditions
• Registers and updates personal information in JDE E1 for assigning a unique number to the employee in accordance with the requirements of business and in compliance with the rules for the processing, management and protection of personal data. • Processes data in the electronic systems of the company for issuance of new permanent passes, replacement of old or damaged passes and processes visitor and vehicle passes through such electronic systems of Company as JDE E1, OnGuard (Lenel), VVAMS/PAMS and others. • Rechecks all data input in the electronic system to avoid duplications or errors, achieving 100% integrity and reliability of the data. • Complies with the rules, requirements, and features of Company’s facilities while issuing passes and managing the access of both staff and vehicles. • Able to reveal gaps within the process and identify potential risks, special situations to timely inform Security Technical Group Supervisor. • Should know the structure of the levels in the system and know location of the facilities in Company’s area. • Should respond promptly to the customer’s requests received via e-mail, phone or personally. • Should be able to make reports, demonstrate basic knowledge of SQL, ODBC, programming elements and to know about user and administrative interface, server and network structure.
• Higher IT or related education • Experience in IT (or related) at least 1 year. • Mandatory knowledge of English not lower than 2 level • Knowledge of programs and systems in physical access and in pass management. • Knowledge of computer structure, software and systems. • Knowledge of database and general understanding of servers.
Atyrau 28/28, For KZ passport holders

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