Demobilization Specialist

Тип занятости Контракт
Страна Kazakhstan
График работы 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Контактное лицо Saltanat Tulepova
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• Be able to assist TCO IR team • Plan day-to-day IR activities in cooperation with the line supervisor to match overall IR priorities • Monitor Business Partner compliance with RoK Labour legislations and TCO policies and procedures requirements • Recognize and report potential risk factors which may impact on the objectives of the IR Management Plan • Promptly respond to any information / early warning indicators, which may pose a potential IR risk to the project and action as appropriate • Identify likely causes of current and future IR risks • Identify important and relevant information which impacts and may impact on TCO Industrial Relations • Control status of issues and close them within the required time frame • Conduct audits and follow-up of mitigation steps on critical items • Assist TCO IR team to establish and maintain a healthy IR culture on the project • Assist with planning, structuring, and implementing team-work strategies • Actively support and contribute to the skill, knowledge, and competency of the rest of the TCO IR team to ensure excellence in IR support service to the IR and Project Management teams • Any other duties as may be required by the operational requirements of the business • Encourage and support a continuous learning culture within the TCO IR team • Be a leader in workplace safety and environmental protection
2.1 Education Higher Education in Law, HRM, International relations, Economics 2.2 Work experience At least 2-3 years’ experience in HR and IR 2.4 PC knowledge and skills Advanced user of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint) and etc.
tengiz 28/28


"Новус-Болашак" для работы вахтовым методом (28/28) на Тенгизе ведет набор
Ярмарка вакансий
Ярмарка вакансий «Новус-Болашак»
Твори добро
Накануне 2020г. наши сотрудники поддержали новую инициативу и приобрели лотерейные билеты, которые мы разыгрываем перед новым годом.
День открытых дверей в Тенгизе
6 октября с 13.00 до 16.00 Болашак-Атырау проводит день открытых дверей в Тенгизе TCOV/ПТШО B11-104/105 (Венгерка)
Тенгиз Марафон
Мы не только можем хорошо работать, но и весело проводить свой досуг и заботиться о своем здоровье. Болашак Атырау всячески поддерживает и пропагандирует здоровый образ жизни.