Specialist, Safety

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Elvira Jalmuratova
E-mail Elvira.Jalmuratova@bolashak.com
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Participates in inspections, surveys of production facilities, buildings, structures, equipment for compliance with regulatory requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international standards on occupational health and safety. Participates in the review of design and technical documentation and acts as an expert on industrial hygiene in functional reviews, "Process Reglaments for Technological Processes, sanitary (industrial, accommodation) and food hygiene’s. He studies and makes proposals on the introduction of advanced methods of protection for chronic and acute hazards. Performs and coordinate conducting the industrial control of: noise and hazardous chemical factors on working areas; sanitary and hygienic efficiency of ventilation systems at TCO production facilities; quality control of portable water at WTP facilities at Tengiz and Atyrau; accounting of chemicals used at the facilities; quality control of food safety. Coordinates the process of certification of production facilities for working conditions and the work of a specialized organization in the framework of certification; implements the procedure for organizing industrial control over radiation safety on the area of TCO in accordance with the regulatory hygienic regulations and the sanitary requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Provides consulting and practical support to TCO and BP departments on industrial hygiene and sanitary aspects (industrial, accommodation and food) at Tengiz and Atyrau and during TA. Conducts audits at production and non-production facilities at Tengiz and Atyrau on industrial hygiene and sanitary issues. Provides consulting support in providing recommendations in the selection and use of PPE in order to prevent or reduce exposure to chronic and acute hazards. Provides consulting support to TCO and BP departments on measuring instruments (gas analyzers, dust meters, etc.) and coordinates work to ensure calibration and state verification of occupational hygiene group equipment. Expertise in the development and update of training materials on labor safety and safe work practices; revises safety procedures and instructions. Develops safety bulletins to inform TCO and BPs.
High technical Safety and Labor safety protection (specialization in chemistry, ecology) or sanitary doctor, hygienist (specialty: hygiene, sanitary) preferable educational background are required Need to know. Legislative, normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and methodological materials on safety and labor safety, occupation hygiene and sanitary, methods of studying working conditions at workplaces, methods of facilities certification, Occupational safety standards systems. Work experience with technical documentation is preferred Work experience in occupational hygiene, sanitary is preferred. Ability to work as part of the team is required Good writing and verbal communication skills - are required. Good facilitation skills are preferred Skills to work with electronic database are preferred. Good knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook) programs - are required.
Tengiz 28/28

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