Senior Process Engineer

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 5-day work week (40 hours)
Contact Saule Aliyaskarova
E-mail Saule.Aliyaskarova@bolashak.com
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Job Description
Job Requirements
Terms and Conditions
Functions: - Development of technical studies, performance of technological processes during pre-design survey, detailed design; - Resolution of technical issues inside his/her discipline in adherence to project procedures and design requirements; - Interface with other disciplines in order to agree and develop common design philosophies and documents. Responsibilities: In order to execute the assigned duties Senior Process Engineer is obliged to: - To design or check the overall scheme of the Projects on the base of scientific and technical hi-tech, local and foreign experience in design, construction and use of computer-aided design facilities; - To act responsibilities of lead Senior Process Engineer in his absence, signing, checking documentation and coordinating the department; -To perform or check technical activities such as technical activities including process calculations and simulation (i.e. equipment sizing according to international standards, line sizing, blowdown requirement, PSV and flow orifice sizing); -Definition of discipline Scope of Work for every phase of the Project in compliance with client requirements and objectives; -To take part in preparing of technical assignment; -To take part in data collection to design, solve any technical problems during design, commissioning and plant development; -To take part in design review/HAZOP/HAZID with Client to verify the proposed design; -To review/adapt plant scheme in according to changes proposed by other disciplines and coordinates with them such that the final product is correct; -To attend multidisciplinary activities (e.g. plot plans review, specification for Package, P&IDs mechanization), -To bring design projects and technical documentation to conformity with norms, technical specifications, other normative documents for design and construction and with technical assignment. -To bring the previous experience in the Project development and during the start-up; -To take part in seminars and conferences; -To coordinate the resources assigned and teach them technical knowledge and the use of the Company tools; -To identify the need of personnel on the basis of project requirements and work loads and report it to Process Leader.
Minimum of 5 years experience
Aksai 5/2

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