Warehouse Facilities Team Lead

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 21 x 21 (12 hours)
Contact Aizhan Aitassova
E-mail Aizhan.Aitassova@bolashak.com
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Job Description
Job Requirements
Terms and Conditions
Management of facilities and technical infrastructure. Planning and designing work- spaces and layout. Managing and forecasting infrastructure demands. Optimization of facilities if/when required. Reporting on compliance with regulations. Developing and providing actions and scope on ensuring compliance Improving facility management processes and procedures Undertake periodic audit of the facilities. Analyze data from various sources and present accurate reports and presentations. Identify and report on facilities integrity and quality Develop Scope of works within areas of responsibilities Perform ad hoc analysis as required to meet adequate storage facility needs. Maintain storage facilities supply and demand data Evaluate and manage long term maintenance strategies for assets, manage and negotiate maintenance contracts if/when required; collaborate with engineering staff for cost-efficient and sustainable maintenance of the assets. Establish a thorough business plan and strategy on facilities management Coordinate and provide support in development of annual business plan for projects Participates in project work, acceptance of objects in operation. Provides control over the implementation of the annual plan of storage facilities for the project work. Ensures all projects completion within the scheduled time. Participate in the analysis and evaluation of the technical bids Control and maintain confidentiality of all tender and contractual documentation. Provide all necessary documentation on Management’s request. Monitor and control projects to ensure quality and proper execution of works in compliance with safety requirements, RoK normative documents as well as requirements for the Environmental protection. Monitor timely knowledge assessment of engineers and personnel for rules, norms and instructions on operation of hazardous production facilities, including Industrial Safety Requirements for Operation of Chemical facilities, and Industrial Safety Rules for Operation of Lifting Gear; Follow up improvement notices issued on inspection findings by state agencies authorized in industrial safety ; Control supply of hazardous production facilities with required materials, tools, equipment, PPE; Oversee compliance with maintenance and repair schedule for hazardous technical installations, buildings and structures; Participate in commissions for acceptance of equipment newly put into operation and review of design documentation for upgrade, repair and construction of new warehouse facilities Participate in investigation of incidents, fatalities in dangerous areas of hazardous production facilities Control maintenance and submission of all mandatory reports to State bodies Arrange and conduct meetings with BPs and with other teams and departments Facilitate collaboration amongst organizational cross-functional teams as necessary to find resolutions for any operational and technical issues. Participate in audits Develop KPIs and conduct audits in coordination with engineering staff. Analyze KPIs and timely communicate to third party providers on improvement opportunities Control third party provide services in compliance with contracts T&C. Coordinate and provide clear and efficient guidance to 3rd party property management teams. Participate in facilities acceptance
computer skills: Microsoft Office, JDE E1. Must know TCO Policy, The practice and principles of inventory management. TCO Requirements for Production Optimization Safety and Environmental Protection TCO Regulations on Production Control, Storage facilities RoK and TCO requirements and regulations, Equipment & materials storage requirements per commodity and required paperwork (e.g. chemicals, DSE items, etc Min 2-3 years of experience and higher education (economy or technical)
Tengiz 21/21

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