Security Specialist

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 5-day work week (40 hours)
Contact Elvira Jalmuratova
E-mail Elvira.Jalmuratova@bolashak.com
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Job Description
Job Requirements
Terms and Conditions
• Participate in study of TCO Security projects on security issues. • Collect and analyze information, systematize initial data in cooperation with other departments of FGP and Base Business, and contractors as well. • Make analysis of situations, processes, tendencies, content analysis of mass media, make analytical reports and reviews, periodic statistical reporting of Analytical Group. • Participate in methodological work: developing of instructions, rules, regulations, bulletins on assurance of security operations and processes in concerns of Base Business, FGP and other Capital Projects; • Develop and improve ways of analytical work. • Advise to Analyst to collect information in incident data base and use effectively. • Make and provide independently regular and one-time reports (oral and written) in Russian and English when required.
• Develop an operative group plan in accordance with priorities. • Point out important information, possible problem causes, determine tendencies and prospects. • Work independently unassisted; • Make deliberate decisions considering the situation and possible consequences. • Contribute to one-team work approach implementation by own behavior and communication style. • Explain to colleagues the necessity of knowledge and professionl skills; • Use feedback to improve own activity; • Write and speak logical in understandable and persuasive manner, using appropriate arguments, style and language. • Regulations and requirements of Republic of Kazakhstan valid legally enforceable enactments (laws, decrees, rules, regulations, instructions) in regard to legal right and security assurance. • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. • Work practices with statistics, collection, process and analysis of information. • IT knowledge and skills: Advanced user of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Power Point).
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