PLC Engineer 3GGS & 3GI

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Shynar Urynbaeva
E-mail Shynar.Urynbaeva@bolashak.com
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Program, troubleshoot, configure and upgrade Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLC and Siemens PLC • Software development of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) manufactured by Rockwell Automation • Knowledge of using software conversion tools of Programmable Logic Controllers. • Knowledge of Allen Bradley and Siemens PLCs integration with Honeywell Experion system • Ladder logic, function blocks, structured text and sequence function charts of industrial PLC applications. • Hardware upgrade of ControlLogix from ControlNet to Ethernet • Allen Bradley PanelView (Classic, Plus, Performance series) • Performing control system and Instrument loop checks, function testing and commissioning of systems • Complex problem solving of control system network, process control issues and hardware issues. • Perform code review of PLC MAC proposed site application changes against approved design documents • Review and comment FAT & SAT Procedures for Accuracy and Testing Adequateness • Witness SAT & C&E testing of PLC system against approved procedures. • Oversee MAC performing PLC system configuration • Ensure that project design documents are comply to Chevron & TCO standards and best practices • Provide guidance if need to correct configuration and application logic changes at site. • Review project documentation related to PLC system specification and designs and develop in-depth knowledge of project requirements • Assist in the input to and participate in PSSR walkdowns and meetings • Assist Operations team during facility start-up • Investigate process up-sets and related PLC failures. Propose solutions to mitigate and avoid potential future failures. Implement best practices to increase equipment reliability • Regularly analyze and track Experion spare parts inventory
Higher Engineering Degree. (Preferably related to Automation and control systems) • Relevant work experience - not less than 10 years. • Must have understanding of oil field and/or plant processes. • High level expertise in Rockwell Allen Bradley PLC. • Good knowledge on filed devices related to safety system such as Fire & Gas detectors, process transmitters EDVs and ESVs • Familiar with different communication protocols and network architectures from end devices to and between PLCs, SMs, SCADA, PCS and Experion systems. • Understanding of Process Control System design.
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