Reliability Engineering QM Technical Analyst

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Gulmira Sailybayeva
E-mail Gulmira.Sailybayeva@bolashak.com
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Job Description
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Terms and Conditions
The QM analyst shall report to Quality Management (QM) Supervisor and Interface with a team of TCO Quality Organizational QA/QC Team Leads. Manage all finance controls and administrative functions in support of the REQAQC Group leads and supervisor. Includes development of contractor SO’s (Service Order) and WA’s (Work Authorization), tracking of contractor costs, management and review of timesheets and invoices. Responsibility for general administration support to the QM Supervisor and Team Leads. Have responsibility for Management of the QM System Database (QMDB) and all Quality Management documents, reports and Procedures controlled by the QAQC Leads, development of file system, storage, retrieval methods and transmittal of; Audit Reports, Surveillance Reports, NCRs, etc. Participate in weekly team meetings and maintain records and status of Quality and Project initiatives. Manage TCO 3rd Party vendor Inspection reports and vendor procedure submittals. Maintain tracking of 3rd Party inspections costs and invoices of vendor support services contractors. Employ tracking and reporting databases and systems as determined necessary throughout the course of a project / turnaround to ensure that all documentation is up to date. Provide status data as and when required by the Quality Management Team. Assist QM Leads in the development of a Quality Manual, Quality Plans and Procedures and implementation of Quality Management Procedures. Play active role in deployment of project safety culture. Support the maintaining of TCO’s incident free operation is in support of TCO's Protecting People and the Environment policy. Monitor implementation and compliance of all TCO safety programs (CHESM, BBS etc) within the QM Group. Participate in TCO BBS program and other Safety initiatives. Remain knowledgeable of safety policies and procedures and perform assigned duties in a safe manner. Employ Operational Excellence and Quality Team Values to achieve continuous improvement and performance excellence.
REQM Analyst shall have a higher education and preferably be a College graduate and have previous professional experience in construction projects and the administration of Quality Management systems, quality auditing, completions management and preparation QAQC document turnover. Have previous experience in management of Quality Document systems, DCC, CMS, QDMS etc. Good database and file Management skills. Experienced with MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project Manager, MS Access, MS Visio.
Tengiz 28/28

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