Emergency/CCTV Operator

Type contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Elvira Jalmuratova
E-mail Elvira.Jalmuratova@bolashak.com
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Job Description
Job Requirements
Terms and Conditions
1. Promote systematic management of safety rules, protection of environment, health, reliability and efficiency with the purpose to reach world level in supporting strategy of TCO Operational Excellence; 2. Good knowledge of TCO Integrated Incident Response Plan (IIR); 3. Know the locations and peculiarities of guarded facilities, posts deployment, the route of foot and mobile patrols and their radio call signs; 4. Good knowledge and ability to work with Lenel On Guard system; 5. Be able to liaise with Incident Commander and Complex Coordinator; 6. Be able to communicate the messages by means of Radio Console in 3 languages; 7. Be able to act as a Muster Point Commander; 8. Be able to compose clear initial reports and other documentations on the incidents; 9. Be capable of providing Interpreter support when needed; 10. Good knowledge of functional capabilities of CCTV cameras; 11. Know location and coverage area of cameras; 12. Be fully conversant of high priority areas of secured facilities for monitoring; Good knowledge and skills of virtual facilities patrolling.
1. Have a higher education; 2. Understand and comply with the Company internal rules and RoK laws on working with personal data and Company Information Protection Policy; 3. Have experience in operating with technical means of communication (telephone, radio reporting, computer etc.) 4. Have computer work experience and be confident user of MS Office (Outlook, M Word, M Excel); 5. Have experience in production or organizations using modern closed circuit video surveillance systems, access control systems, radio stations, wired and cell phone equipment, global information system, software and hardware system, which are used in security services to control database during emergencies; 6. Be able to investigate and assess the situation, prepare documentation and report immediately on incidents and events; 7. Act competently in standard and critical situations while being on duty; 8. Manage informative-analytical work, predict possible development of the situation, act in accordance with the unfolding situation; 9. Be able to identify a person by appearance features; 10. Be able to recognize the features of illegal concern to the secured object and criminal act planning; 11. Use methods and ways to restore attention, working efficiency under continuous load while virtual patrolling;
Tengiz 28/28

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