Cost Estimator

Қызмет түрі Келісім-шарт бойынша
Ел Kazakhstan
Work Method 5-day work week (40 hours)
Contact Sean Emerton
Осы бос қызмет орнына жауап қайтару
To deliver standard, consistent and realistic Class 3 cost estimate according to Chevron’s Project Management System requirements to support project sanction. Translate the identified project scope and engineering deliverables into the detailed estimate of capital expenditure costs for design, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and start-up of the facilities (Class 3). Estimate composed of detailed MTOs matched with detailed pricing and construction unit rates/hours. Identify areas of uncertainty and apply appropriate allowances. Develop cost estimating plan and ensure engineering and procurement deliverables are secured to complete cost estimate per plan. Represent the project’s cost estimate during cost assurance and risk assessment engagements. Benchmark against historical performance, industry norms and established KPIs. Develop Estimate Basis to document how estimate was developed.
Engineering Degree and/or certification as a Cost Estimator or equivalent experience. Minimum 10 years industry experience in estimator positions. Excellent analytical, oral and written communication skills Experience in managing small teams of junior personnel. Fully versed with Cost Estimating principles, techniques and industry standard tools. Advantage: extensive experience and effective application of Company’s PM system, CSOC, CPDEP, and PRC’s Cost Engineering principles, processes, tools, practices, etc. In-depth knowledge of industry and professional cost engineering and/or Project Services practices, trends, best practices, etc. Sought out for demonstrated ability to identify interdependencies which may lead to Cost Engineering related errors in assumptions, standard, calculations, etc. Broader and deeper level of knowledge and experience in: Other functional areas of capital projects (e.g., Engineering, Construction) Complex engineering concepts and principles Cost estimating tools, practices & requirements for CPDEP phase 3 (Class 3)


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Болашақ-Атырау қызметкерлері екі жыл қатарынан Атырау қаласында өткізілетін Атыраулық марафонға қатысып жүр.
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