Area 51 Gathering Coordinator

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Ел Kazakhstan
Жұмыс кестесі 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Байланыс тұлғасы Chris Thompson
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The PROJECT/WPMP overall project is currently split into 5 project areas: 3GP, 3GI, Power, Infrastructure and WPMP. PROJECT covers 3GP, 3GI areas, Power, Infrastructure and entails the construction/fabrication and installation works for those areas. Both modular and stick build programs will be utilized to reach completion The more technically challenging Modules are being fabricated in Korea, then, they will be split into component PAU’s (Pre-Assembled Units) and will be shipped to site via ocean going heavy lift vessels from Korea to Transshipment ports in both the Northern (Hamina in Finland) and Southern (Burgas in Bulgaria) bases. There, they will be transferred to smaller vessels that can navigate the RIWS (Rusian Inland Waterway System) through to the Caspian and off-load at the Project purpose built CatRo facility at Prova From the CatRo offloading facility the PAU’s will be loaded onto heavy lift vehicles to transfer them via Project constructed heavy lift roads to the Tengiz site and the appropriate 3GP or 3G stacking areas. The PAU’s will then be re-stacked into the complete module, which will then be transferred to its final position and set down on purpose built foundations To connect the various modules and areas PAR (Pre-Assembled pipe Racks) will be utilized as much as possible. The PAR modules are being fabricated in ROK at the Ersai facilty in Kuryk and, again will be shipped from Kuryk to CaTRo and off-loaded and transferred to site utilizing the same heavy lift vehicles and heavy lift roads. The PAR’s are just as important as the technically advanced modules There will of course be a program of “stick build” to join all systems and networks together WPMP is a major upgrade of the gathering and shipping pipework network to allow for the increased flow volumes that will be realized on completion of a successful PROJECT/WPM project. This will involve a large drilling campaign and hundreds of kilometers of pipe being installed with dedicated metering stations and RIE’s (Remote Instrument Enclosures) at each of the multi-well pads The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring Construction Contractor compliance with both Project Preservation and Piping cleanliness programs. The Area 51 Gathering area Preservation Coordinator will also be directly involved in de-preservation (where required) for Pre-Commissioning activities, pipe flushing - to achieve Project cleaning standards, and where required re-preservation, where piping sections will be out of use for protracted periods of time prior to Commissioning. The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will work closely with the Site Piping Attainment Specialist as there are numerous interfaces across the two areas During the preparation stages the Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will work with the Site Piping Attainment Specialist in coordination for the development of tagged item preservation requirements for all disciplines in accordance with the Project Preservation Procedures, also working with the General Preservation Contractor (GPC) Counterpart to completion. Non tagged item preservation will also be developed within the parameters of the Preservation Procedures Develop detailed step outs for all tagged items which will be manpower loaded and equipment resources identified. Information will be provided to Project Planning Engineer to allow a fully detailed schedule to be developed. The schedule will include interactions with the Pre-Commissioning team to clearly understand and define de-preservation for pre-commissioning and re-preservation post pre-commissioning laying out and detailing the requirements of de-preservation for Pre-commissioning activities to commence and preservation requirements met prior to commissioning and start up of the facility Understanding the preservation applied for all items known as “Ship Loose” which will be removed from the modules prior to leaving the fabrication yard The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator in conjunction with the GPC counterpart will work with the Construction Team to ensure the stick build program of work is fully understood and that preservation requirements are included into the schedule. The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator with the GPC counterpart will understand the location of the following: 1. Where each module is being rebuilt 2. Where each module is being stored 3. The timing and sequence of all modules being landed in the final position on site The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will be responsible for the re-build program from a Preservation standpoint.. The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will monitor Pre-Commissioning progress to ensure that the resources, materials and equipment are programmed to be in place when the Pre-commissioning work is complete to re-preserve the equipment. The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will work with Process Engineering to understand which preservation products, used to preserve the stick build program piping systems, have to be removed due to a possible chemical reaction to the line medium(s). The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will ensure the lines of concern are clearly marked on P&ID’s that will be included in the Preservation manual that will be the record of work for the stick build program. This will be both a hard copy and an electronic version
Responsible for the safety performance of the team members within the location of assignment Responsible to ensure that the contractor’s personnel comply with the Project IIF and BBS programs Responsible for monthly safety meetings in the assigned working area to develop a safety meeting program covering safety items that are meaningful to the program of work Will complete a BBS observation, monthly in the location of the assignment, this may increase to weekly BBS submission when project workload reaches peak activity levels Will work with the BBS Coordinator to ensure that reported trends are understood and acted on in a timely fashion to ensure the required corrective actions are completed Will complete permit audits in assigned contractor work areas to ensure full compliance is being achieved Work with the Safety and Security departments to ensure a fully approved Site Specific Emergency Response Plan (SSERP) is in place and updated as required. It is important that the SSERP is known and understood by all members of the preservation team which includes both Company and Contractor personnel
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