10/01/2016 - Support for the children

We would like to share some information about an event which took place this summer. Bolashak provided support for a group of 60 children from Kuryk by sponsoring them in an initiative to clean the seaside, school territory and provide other community service activities in and around their schools.

Bolashak also provided assistance by donating thirteen computers to the schools involved in this scheme. Bolashak is very pleased to have been part of this initiative and we wish the schools and children who participated, success and good results.

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11/05/ - Bolashak-Atyrau held a job fair in APEC PetroTechnic Higher College LLP

10/05/ - A Job fair was carried out by Bolashak Atyrau on May, 4th in Rixos Almaty Hotel


06/05/ - Bolashak-Atyrau flash mob

05/05/ - Bolashak Atyrau’s participation in the Congress of Working Youth RoK