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Type Contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Kuralai Sarsembayeva

Job Description:

Business Operation/Project:Kazakhstan - Tengiz and Korolev -Wellhead Pressure Management Project is the next major expansion of the Tengiz oilfield located in Zhylyoi Region of Atyrau Oblast, Kazakhstan. will help to increase Tengiz crude oil production, while WPMP will keep the existing Tengiz plants at full capacity by lowering the flowing pressure at the wellhead and then boosting the pressure to the inlet requirements of the six existing processing trains. will be built with modules, which will be fabricated, assembled and pre-commissioned at fabrication yards in Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy and then transported to Tengiz. scope includes additional wells, gathering system expansion, pressure boost facility, oil stabilization and gas dehydration facilities, sour gas re-injection facilities, power generation, utilities, and infrastructure (camp, roads, etc.). The Project has multiple execution centers worldwide including Aktau, Atyrau, Tengiz and Almaty in Kazakhstan; Houston, US; Farnborough, UK; New Delhi, India; Romania; Bulgaria; Vietnam; Finland; Italy and South Korea.

Job Requirements:

Leadership and Communication Skills-Effective interpersonal skills and able to maintain a neutral position as facilitator and communicate effectively to multidiscipline and multicultural teams from different organizations. Fluent in English and Russian (or Kazakh) languages is essential
Technical Skills-3+ years of Facility Engineering experience. Prior experience in implementation of a productivity program such as Workface Planning, Lean Construction or Lean Sigma is preferred. Strong analytical and facilitation skills and adept in effective use of computers and standard software packages.
Team Work-Ability to interfacing and collaborate with muti-discipline and culturally diverse teams from different organizations to effectively deploy Project Production Control process Lean Sigma and support Workface Planning according to predefined objectives and strategies.

Terms and Conditions:

Tengiz 28/28

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