Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator

Position ID
Type Contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Gursh Chahal
Telephone +44 1252 302281

Job Description:

Responsible for the safety performance of the team members within the location of assignment.
Responsible to ensure that the contractor’s personnel comply with the Project IIF and BBS programs.
Responsible for monthly safety meetings in the assigned working area to develop a safety meeting program covering safety items that are meaningful to the program of work.
Will complete a BBS observation, monthly in the location of the assignment, this may increase to weekly BBS submission when project workload reaches peak activity levels.
Will work with the BBS Coordinator to ensure that reported trends are understood and acted on in a timely fashion to ensure the required corrective actions are completed.
Will complete permit audits in assigned contractor work areas to ensure full compliance is being achieved.
Work with the Safety and Security departments to ensure a fully approved Site Specific Emergency Response Plan (SSERP) is in place and updated as required. It is important that the SSERP is known and understood by all members of the preservation team which includes both Company and Contractor personnel

Job Requirements:

The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will work with the Preservation MCPlus team to fully understand the processes and requirements to ensure all preservation is accurately defined and that maintenance requirements and frequencies are understood.
The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator in conjunction with the GPC counterpart will set up the reporting requirements with the MCPlus team for the area of responsibility and location.
The Construction contractor is not experienced in Preservation to the degree defined by the project and it is a project Preservation Team Responsibility to ensure the correct training by discipline is developed and administered to enhance the discipline Fitters, Mechanics and Technicians capabilities to be successful.
The Project General Preservation Contractor (GPC) will provide expertise in the training program development and provide personnel experienced in training personnel in preservation Techniques. The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will work with the Project General Preservation Contractor (GPC) to ensure the program is designed to reflect the program of work, contain the applications required to be successful and at a level that the Construction Workforce comprehend.
The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator Preservation will also work with the Specialist Valve Contractor who will provide the training materials required for the preservation requirements for all valves.
The Area 51 Gathering Preservation Coordinator will ensure that Surveillance programs are included in the training package to ensure the personnel involved in Preservation understand that Surveillance of work in the rebuild and construction program are critical to ensure the Build it Clean, Keep it Clean program is achieved. (See Attainment section) and that preservation Standards are achieved and maintained.

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