Northern Transhipment Base Manager

Position ID
Type Contract
Country Finland
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Chris Thompson
Telephone 87122900100 329

Job Description:

Loading/offloading operating procedures Lo/Lo & Ro/Ro
Marine Warranty Survey
SPT/SPMT operations
Heavy lift/haul operations
Facilities management, maintenance and operations
Laydown areas arrangements
Working in a multi-cultural workplace/project with multi-disciplined teams
Occupational Safety regulations and practices
Basics of Labor Code
Familiar with IMO, SOLAS, MarPol, STCW and all other pertinent international maritime conventions, standards, protocols, procedures, guidelines, recommendations, etc.
Ship/Port interface operating procedures
Mooring and unmooring safe operations
Port services
Shipping schedule
Establish and maintain an IIF/OE focused operational environment
Understand the oucompanymes of high-level risk assessments and detailed qualitative and quantitative risk assessments
Effectively manage risk for each job to avoid process safety events
Identify safeguards to put in place and assure they are effective at mitigating incidents
Effectively manage change, including identifying and implementing all changes that are necessary for safety, operability, and protection of the key deliverables
Formulate and execute work group plans and set priorities to meet schedule requirements
Engage personnel at all levels across functional disciplines, from various entities, including owner’s team, contractor’s and other stakeholders
Interpret plans, processes and procedures
Interpret contract terms and conditions for execution of scope of work performed by contractor’s and hold them accountable for execution
Work independently without any external support
Facilitate teamwork by setting an example (behavior, communication)
Write and speak in clear and persuasive manner, using corresponding arguments, style and language
Effectively communicate with a multinational workforce and promote a productive culture
Facilitate and lead safety/toolbox meetings
Oversee financial plan for TSB location and adhere to budge with appropriate approvals.

Job Requirements:

At least 15 years of site operations management.
Minimum of 5 years total experience in marine logistics. RoRo, LoLo and heavy lift experience an advantage.
Experience in marine logistics supporting major capital projects
Commits to, champions and leads in ensuring that all logistics activity is conducted in such a manner as to ensure the protection of the environment, as well as the lives and health of all persons, either directly or indirectly, associated with the delivery of the Project;
Contributes to safety program, health and environment protection, reliability and efficiency in order to achieve world-class performance of COMPANY OE strategies.
Actively participate in BBS program and a leader in developing the IIF culture.
Implements and executes the plans of the Project Logistics SOW.
Establish good working relationships and communicate effectively with all members of the Module Delivery Team and the CaTRo Construction Team to ensure priorities and requirements are identified and delivered. Ensuring seamless integration of responsibilities and execution plans.
Direct, advise, guide and coordinate with the contractors to achieve the required deliverables
Ensure all deliverables are in compliance with contract terms & conditions, in addition to COMPANY expectations and requirements
Lead planning and review sessions with key stakeholders and contractor’s
Lead safety meetings/toolbox talks with contractor’s & other stakeholders
Develop and maintain a full management system for the TSB, which encompasses all activities both planned and unplanned, that will be undertaken at the facility.
Reviewing contractor plans, processes and procedures to ensure that they meet the required deliverables and expectations for contracted SOW.
Review contractor Work Method Statements, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) to ensure that work is conducted in accordance with agreed methods and COMPANY policies
Ensure contractors are utilizing all applicable Safe Work Practices (SWP) and procedures
Take corrective action to address any faults and report as required
Review and monitor performance of contractor’s and develop improvement plans where any deficiencies are identified.
Conduct regular checks on construction and shipping schedules to identify any gaps.
Ensure day to day operations and maintenance of the facilities and infrastructure is managed to enable operational capability to be maintained.
Constantly monitor demand and performance to address any anomalies and minimize adverse impact to the process schedule.
Review future plans and recommend, or implement strategies where necessary to meet operational requirements within areas of responsibility.
Lead incident investigations to determine the root cause and take action accordingly.

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