Tengiz Material Checker

Position ID
Type Contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Gulsum Tuleusheva
Telephone 87122900100 Ext:107

Job Description:

Ability to safely work in an IIF culture that supports and encourages all employees to work together in a positive environment that promotes safe work practices and skills learning
Verify materials received against vendor supplied packing list;
Mark materials per approved marking techniques with all data required to identify when issuing;
Store materials in accordance with vendor and warehouse requirements;
Issue materials to approved contractor representatives;
Oversee the loading of materials on contractor vehicles;
Review all documentation and compare them to the actual received goods to insure that the material received is per specification;
Inspect all materials for overages, shortages and damages. All discrepancies are documented and reported to the Warehouse Supervisor;
Conduct blind inventory checks as directed by the Warehouse Supervisor
Provide Project Supervision presence in all warehouses and lay down areas for added security;
Other duties as assigned;

Job Requirements:


Terms and Conditions:

Tengiz 28/28

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