Designs Engineer

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Type Contract
Country Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Anzhela Yelyutina

Job Description:

The Designs Engineer (Electrical) works in the Designs Engineering Group and reports to the FUPO (Field, Utilities and Power Operations support group) Team Lead through Facilities Engineering. The duties of the position include electrical engineering support for Tengiz Plant Operations & Turnarounds, covering Field, Utilities, Power. The Designs Engineer (Electrical) works closely with Operations, Maintenance, Automation and other technical specialists to improve operational performance and solve problems related to a broad range of electrical equipment including generators, transformers, motors, switchgear, variable speed drives, uninterruptible power supplies and heat tracing. The Designs Engineer (Electrical) develops Engineering Work Requests (EWR’s) into small expense or capital improvement projects to improve facility operation. The position is also responsible for the review and development of operating and maintenance procedures that enhance the performance and reliability of equipment., and may be involved in providing training to improve the skills and knowledge of Operations and Maintenance personnel on equipment operation and maintenance.

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Tengiz 28/28

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