Working in the Community

People are the key to Bolashak’s business. Bolashak invests in local people in the following ways:

Workforce nationalization programme. Bolashak constantly strives to increase its numbers of local employees, and we have a Workforce Nationalization Programme, which defines our objectives and strategy to achieve this. The success of our nationalization programme is demonstrated by the fact that we have grown our local workforce from 40 employees to over 2,500 employees in 8 years.
Bolashak’s policy is to focus on hiring local Kazakh engineering, management and craft personnel. Kazakhstan has a very highly educated, trained and motivated labour pool that is keen to embrace new technological and management procedures. The focus for developing and growing the company is to employ personnel from this labour pool as part of the company’s foundation strategy. This is achieved using the following strategies:

Increase the number of national citizens employed by Bolashak
Actively source qualified and skilled national employees
Co-operate with local educational establishments and institutes to find employment for qualified graduates
Promote training of nationals in each region in which we operate.
Train our own personnel, utilizing specialized training providers, “on the job” training and mentoring, and arranging training courses overseas.
Co-operate with our Clients to organize training for national personnel on secondment to our Clients
To provide funds and resources for education and training of local citizens.

Training programmes for unemployed local people. Bolashak has invested in the training of unemployed local people from Atyrau. Bolashak has employed unemployed local welders and pipefitters to put them through training courses to develop their skills and qualify them to a recognized industry standard. These personnel have subsequently been deployed on Oil and Gas projects.
Sponsorship of students. Bolashak has sponsored the education of 22 students to enable them to complete higher education courses in Oil and Gas, Construction, Management, Accounting, Finance and Economics.
Investment in developing infrastructure and facilities

Bolashak is committed to long-term involvement in the communities in which it operates, and our strategy has been to invest in property in the areas, in which we operate. Examples of this are:
Investment in our corporate Headquarters in Atyrau
Investment in a Safety Training facility in Atyrau, to provide BOSIET, H2S, Emergency Response, Fire Prevention, Hazard Awareness and other safety training courses.
We have invested several million dollars in the above projects